ASP.NET 5 On OS X : Getting Started

This post is part of a series of posts on ASP.NET 5 the series index can be found here ASP.NET 5 Up and Running. Over the last year »

Getting Under The Hood

Whenever a piece of software does something that makes me think this is awesome I find myself blocking out the actually software and picturing how it's working behind the scenes »

A .Net Developers Favorite Learning Resources

At a recent Brighton Alt.Net the question came up "What learning resources do people use to continuously learn?", as a result of that I thought I'd write up the »

ASP.Net MVC File Stream, Initiated From Javascript Post

I was recently working on a page that does an AJAX post to an MVC controller passing quite a lot of parameters in the request. I needed to find a »

Entity Framework 6 Interceptors

Interceptors in Entity Framework 6 allow you to hook in to before and after query events. The before events even allow you to modify the query that is about to »