Entity Framework 6 Entity/Property To Table/Column Names

I was recently working on some code where I needed to be able to go from an EntitySet name to a table name and from an entity property name to »

Profiling Entity Framework 6 Queries

Entity Framework 6 introduced some API hooks that you can use to monitor log queries that Entity Framework is generating and running. At it's most basic level you can log »

F# Type Inference

I'm just starting to look at functional languages from an Object Oriented background. One of the first things I thought was quite cool is F#'s type inference model and »

Tools For Successful Remote Working

I've been asked a few times recently how I find remote working and how well it works so I thought I'd write up a bit about the tools we've found »

Entity Framework Fluent API and Indexing

With the release of Entity Framework 6.1 the Fluent API can now be used to create indexes. It's still pretty basic and will hopefully evolve to become more complete »