Another day another released project. I’ve just finished developing the web site for Usual Suspects Tattoo Studio.

The site has a gallery and comments system both of which are stored in an XML backend and have CMS functionality. It all runs through a LinqToSql data tier and makes for a light weight web site framework that has no database dependencies.

I’ve got a lot of future improvements planned for the framework that I intend to use for future sites but for now the following features are currently implemented in the  first solution

  • JQuery Asynchronous Uploader
  • Friendly URLs
  • User Comments
  • Content Managed Gallery
  • Google Maps Intergration
  • JQuery Lightbox
  • Modified JQuery Lightbox Show Reel

To see this implementation check out

Stay tuned for details on future updates to the framework which for now I am calling Nimble.