Ok so I’ve been messing around with XNA for the last 3 evenings.

I’ve begged, borrowed and even drawn sprites from anywhere I can find (They will all be replaced at some point)

I’ve now got a working tile engine, an animated player and some game logic. So far the player can move around the world and is prevented from walking over any non passable tiles (like water). The player can select a tool from his/her inventory and use it in the world. So far there is a working Shovel, Water Can, Fishing Rod. The player can fish in the lakes and if a fish is caught they earn Exp towards their fishing skill. The higher the fishing level the bigger the fish you can catch and sell.

See the video below for a quick clip of how it plays.


I’ll try to put some code together for my next post to show you some of the game objects I’ve created. Like I said before its all very hacked and not very pretty at all but hey it kind of works!