I’m Gavin Draper, a software developer with over 16 years commercial experience delivering software, 12 of which in the finance sector.

I’m passionate about the full software cycle from requirements to delivery. I mainly work in the Microsoft stack but will pick up other tools where it makes sense to for any given product.

Outside of my day job I’m always playing with the next new thing or getting excited over something I’ve not seen before that solves a problem in a different way. At the minute I especially enjoy profiling SQL Server and making things go faster, playing with the new .Net Core bits and fiddling with Docker.

I like to stay current through Blogs, Twitter and Pluralsight. I’m currently working my way through the SSAS courses on Pluralsight as this is not a tool I’ve used enough and I can think of a number of cases where it would have been a great fit.

Feel free to get in touch at g at vindraper .co.uk